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Conquest, 1937

Cast: Greta Garbo, Charles Boyer, Reginald Owen, Alan Marshall, Henry Stephenson

Synopsis: In 1807, Napoleon Bonaparte (Charles Boyer) visits Poland. At a state ball, he sees Countess Marie Walewska (Greta Garbo) and is attracted to her. When she is asked by Poland's leaders to visit Napoleon to gain his aid in making Poland independent, she reluctantly agrees. She has an affair with him, and when her husband, Count Walewski (Henry Stephenson), finds out, he divorces her. Marie becomes Napoleon's mistress and leaves with him. However, she sees him losing his love for her and the cause of freedom and, in its stead, gaining a love for power. She hopes to marry him, but when Talleyrand (Reginald Owen) arranges his marriage to the Hapsburg princess Marie Louise, her hopes are gone. Marie Walewska bears Napoleon a son. After Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo, she takes their son to see him. Marie and Napoleon say their last farewells before he is taken into exile at St. Helena.


picture is taken from garboforever.com & link from filestube.com 

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