петак, 02. септембар 2011.

Damals, 1943

Cast: Zarah Leander, Hans Stüwe, Rossano Brazzi, Jutta von Alpen, Hilde Körber, Elisabeth Markus, Hermann Bräuer

Synopsis: This is an interesting film as the last one of the war years from Zarah Leander. On one level we might call it a damsel-in-distress chick flick: strong woman gets deeper and deeper in trouble as she lies to her husband about meeting an old friend, gets divorced, emigrates to Switzerland, works as doctor, gets fired for disobeying her boss's orders, emigrates to Portugal, dances in nightclub, emigrates to some unnamed Latin American country...On another level it's a whodunit thriller - murder in the hotel, mysterious woman, false identity, detective work to find out what happened.It also appears to have had strong influences from Citizen Kane: the flashbacks, told by different people, which bring the story together in bits and pieces (though in ordered time sequence). Other effects remind almost of slapstick films (the train wreck) or expressionism (the symbolism of the stopped, then restarted clock).


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