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Elizabeth Taylor interview, 2006

There probably aren't too many TV interviewers on earth who can say they had a sit-down interview with Elizabeth Taylor, but I was lucky enough to meet her and witness her personal passion in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

In February 2005, Miss Taylor was one of the celebrities at a photo shoot for a Kenneth Cole World AIDS Day ad campaign to raise awareness of the disease. Before the photo shoot, her publicist said she would grant no interviews, but when I asked Miss Taylor directly if she'd give me a few sentences about her decades of activism about AIDS, she abruptly stopped her wheelchair and said, "I will do ANYTHING I can to help in the world of AIDS." ... And she went on for 10 minutes! It was truly the most exciting 10 minutes of my career as a TV producer and interviewer.

Aside from a few quotes that were serviced to media at the time, this interview has been seen by no one. As a tribute to her activism, passion and work against AIDS, here is the interview in its entirety.

"I resented my fame all my life, and then I thought that instead of resenting my fame, i'm going to use it. Because I was sitting back and becoming outraged that no one was doing anything about this oncoming epidemic."

Interview by Eric Allen
eric@ericallenproductions.net | www.ericallenproductions.net

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  1. This is absolutely amazing! I found your blog really surprising and I love that you have met her... absolutely incredible... sadly... I havent met her... but well.. my love for her still grows--

  2. no no no, this is not me lol I have found this interview on youtube and posted it here, and I posted info about it, I am so sorry that you have missunderstood me, soory :)
    thanks for joining my blog, and I hope you will enjoy my (well ours) videos here :)