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The Merry Widow, 1952

Cast: Lana Turner, Fernando Lamas, Una Merkel, Richard Haydn, Thomas Gomez, John Abbott

Synopsis: The Marshovian Embassy in New York is warned that the Widow Radek has tens of millions of dollars they wish to keep within the aegis of Marshovia. They convince the Widow Radek to to travel to Marshovia to receive an award. Once in Marshovia, she accidentally discovers that Count Danilo has been sent to woo her to keep her millions locally. She tells her companion to act as if she were the Widow Radek, and herself pursues Danilo in disguise. Finally disgusted with this leg of her European trip, she sets out to enjoy her millions on million as a Merry Widow in Paris, where she again runs into Danilo. This time, she gets Danilo to pursue her companion disguised as Widow Radek, while she pursues Danilo disguised as her own maid. When Danilo is ordered to propose to her maid, whom he believes to be the Widow Radek, the real Widow decides to set things right. The Widow and her maid arrive at the ball given in her honor both dressed as wealthy millionaires. There is some confusion as to whom the rich lady is until the Ambassador from Marshova who met the Widow in New York identified her. Her romance with Danilo is rekindled, but is still on a tentative footing.

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